Development Support

Delivering creative and performant software solutions in industry leading languages and techniques, is a core tenant of our business. We focus on defining and executing a tailored engagement, from consulting to full application development support, which allows us to right fit the support you need today as well as being able to dynamically adjust to evolve with you as a teammate.

Semantic Development Support

Where we support all types of development needs, we have a unique arm of our business, which is focused on innovative development and usage of semantic technologies that allows the fusion of human process to machine execution.  Where we can certainly support ontological modeling, we understand how to leverage that model into an application suite.

Evaluation Support

Once a technology is built, ensuring that it operates as intended is key.  In many cases, it is difficult to step fart enough away to ensure a full coverage assessment.  Independent test and evaluation engagements allow us to provide a third party, external, unbiased review of your solution, with the eye on identifying strengths, and vulnerabilities, of both the architecture and implementation.  Our skilled evaluation team have extensive experience in performing table top reviews of systems and large enterprise solution architecture, component allocation and review, subsystem execution analysis, code analysis, and white and black box testing.

Systems Analysis, Engineering and Design Support

Using our multidisciplinary technical team, we can provide long range capability and technological forecasting along with complementary programmatic and financial planning to creatively articulate a technology development, insertion, and transition implementation plan.  As part of that analysis, often a Make vs. Buy Assessment is worth exploring, but it is just one piece of the entire delivery plan.  In general, we can support technology assessment, evaluation criteria establishment and execution, technology and component selection, delivery roadmap, implementation planning, and on going execution support.

Operations Support

Migrating from development, through test and evaluation, to production, requires both up front planning and skilled tactical decision making. Our expert team of innovative problem solvers will help develop the strategy for your roll out as well as assess and recommend near term adjustments that will help ensure timely delivery while ensuring your long term vision. Once operational, focusing on serving your customers is paramount. From high available, mission assured operations, to help desk support and bug identification and remediation, our skilled operations support team can provide you the engineering, operations, and system administration skills you need to either plan or operate your system.

Program Management Support

We specialize in stakeholder analysis, acquisition, and management support as well as Market Assessments for commercial industry IA product providers to include Business Strategy and Operations Studies for commercial industry integrators and IA product providers and commercial client support for the development of proposals to U.S. Government Military Services and federal agencies

Measurement Support

But just managing an activity is insufficient, being able to ensure it meets your objectives is the real test of success.  We have experienced engineers who can develop metrics and measurement methods to ensure that every aspect of your engagement is meeting both your and your customer’s expectations and defined goals. Once the metrics are in, the job is not done, after action review and adjustment is critical to reduce the probability of learning the same negative decision twice.  Embracing the philosophy of “if you are not changing, you are dying” is key to ensuring that complacency is a conscience decision based on disciplined review and analysis.

Strategy Support

Setting a clear target is imperative to ensuring that the entire team is heading in the same direction. Our firms diverse skill sets, enables us to tap into a wide range of avenues, enabling us to generate innovate and creative way points for delivering your vision.  We provide both long term strategic analysis support as well as incremental delivery plans, both aimed at supporting you in setting your activities course.

Requirements Support

Supporting requirements analysis, architectural construction and relationship definition, functional decomposition and allocation, and program and technology mapping. We provide a right fit, engagement-centric level of systems architect, engineering, and analysis support at all tiers so that you can select exactly how much support is required to your engagement

Outreach Support

Claiming victory is critical.  Advertising and outreach efforts are critical to exposing, at the right time and at the right depth, your delivery approach.  We specialize in the development of both the approach, but also the marketing material it self that delivers expected results.  From print to digital media, our goal is to provide a comprehensive set of materials that conveys your message while having broad audience understanding