Evaluations, managing staff, resources and schedules to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery.

Operations Support

Migrating from development, through test and evaluation, to production, requires both up front planning and skilled tactical decision making.

Our expert team of innovative problem solvers will help you develop the strategy for your rollout as well as assess and recommend near term adjustments that ensure on-time delivery enhancing your long term vision. From high available, mission assured operations, to help desk support and issuebug identification and remediation, our accomplished operations support team can provide you engineering, operations, and system administration skills you will need to plan and operate your system.

Measurement Support

Just managing an activity is insufficient, being able to ensure it meets your objectives is the real test of success.

Our experienced engineers develop metrics and measurement methods to ensure that every aspect of your engagement is exceeding both you and your customer’s expectations and defined goals. Once the metrics are in an after action review and adjustment is performed which is critical to reducing the probability of potential downfalls.  Embracing the philosophy of staying ahead of the game is key to ensuring that complacency is a conscience decision,  based on disciplined review and constant analysis.

Evaluation Support

Once a technology is built, ensuring that it operates as intended is key.

It can be difficult to step far enough away to ensure you are seeing the big picture.  Independent test and evaluation engagements allow for  third party, external, unbiased reviews of your solution. With a keen eye for identifying strengths, and vulnerabilities, of both the architecture and implementation, our skilled evaluations team has extensive experience in performing table-top reviews of systems and large enterprise solution architectures, component allocations and reviews, subsystem execution analysis, code analysis, and white and black box testing.